The Prototype Process: Bringing Your Ideas to Life

At Meteor Foundry, we focus on bringing customers’ visions to life, incorporating the unique concepts relayed to us into a quality prototype.

Making the Best Prototype Possible

The Meteor Foundry team attributes our success at crafting prototypes to our emphasis on the process, effective use of technology, and highly skilled, knowledgeable staff. This combination makes for a powerhouse approach and helps explain why we are a leader in sand and gravity permanent mold castings.

Sand Molding & Prototyping

When it comes to low-volume prototyping, our sand molding processes receive the assistance of jolt squeeze molding machines. Additional processes that can come into play are BMM RollOver and Cope & Drag Floor and Machine Molding. As a result, we can supply aluminum castings to a maximum 4,000 pounds with flask sizes topping out at 110 inches x 110 inches.

Comprehensive Service

When you choose Meteor Foundry, expect that your ideas will transform into reality as we move from design to the final output. The development of your dream product seamlessly happens within our in-house Pattern Shop.

As tooling is integral to constructing a quality casting, we do not miss addressing any detail. Our experienced staff take care of all stages of the development process, from Master Pattern to Prototype Tooling and Casting for Sample Approval, within just a single straightforward step.

Get the Prototypes You Want & Need

Whether it is one or thousands of prototypes that you require, we are happy to create them for you. We take immense pride in assisting customers in getting their product to market. It is a delight to not only satisfy customers like you but also go beyond your expectations, as well as playing a role in your achievements.

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