Meteor Foundry All Set to Dedicate 2017 to Energy Conservation

Foundries are no longer simple operations that produce castings. Many units are responsible for working with a large variety of alloys taking on the responsibility of designing the parts, making the castings, machining them and assembling them for a robust final product that assembly lines can use right away.

Meteor Foundry is a shining example of this enhanced capacity and capability of foundries. ISO 9001:2008 certified it has been a leader specializing in Aluminum, sand, Zinc and permanent mold castings and pattern making tools since 1965.

In 2016 Meteor Foundry renewed its commitment to quality and the rewarding ties that it has with clients from Mining Ventilation, Robotics, Transportation, Electricity & Gas, Furniture, Trucks, and Defense. We added a layer to company persona by emerging as a business that is genuinely interested in auditing our energy consumption patterns and initiating projects that utilize conservation principles to cut down on the use of fossil fuels.

Today, we have successfully completed the second phase of its energy reduction drive and taken to heart the mantra of reduce-reuse-recycle.

2017 is all set to be the year in which Meteor Foundry reaches the goal of significantly bringing down our own carbon footprint and setting precedents to curb the prodigious consumption of energy by the businesses in this sector.

Energy Conservation & Foundries in Canada:

Foundries are generally concerned about energy consumption because this aspect heavily influences the costs associated with operations. It is estimated that Canadian foundries use up to 6300 TJ of energy every year. And they are a challenge to the Canadian government which is trying to become the vanguard of energy conservation and renewable energy production.

This is why Meteor Foundry is taking major steps in the direction of strategic energy utilization. We have already updated our ISO 9001:2008 certificate so that we can stay abreast of the latest and most effective ways to streamline floor functions and pull the reins on electricity misuse.

We are excited to not only invest in core products, and value added service competencies, but eager to spread the message of conservation far and wide because excellence in manufacturing is possible without over exploiting energy reserves.

If you are interested in learning more about how Foundry techniques are changing and how Meteor is handling energy consumption across the board, please follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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