The Future of Manufacturing in Canada: A 2018 Outlook

Manufacturing accounts for more than 10% of the GDP, positioning it stronger than the energy sector. More importantly, billions of dollars are pumped into research and development by manufacturing giants and all innovation in the land of maple leaf owes something to the impetus generated by manufacturing players.

The global recession of almost a decade ago has retreated–and 2018 is presenting the producers of the country with new opportunities.

Robotics, Transportation & Defense are Major Contributors to the Manufacturing Upsurge:

Reports by IFR suggest that the global robotics market will expand by 15% in the run-up to 2018 adding 13 million automatons and AI driven mechanical workers to industries like assembly, manufacturing and warehouse handling. Since the Skill Gap in Canada is still a major stumbling block that the government has to maneuver, it is anticipated that outsourcing of routine, dangerous and repetitive tasks to robots will find greater favor.

Where transportation is concerned, the keywords for 2018 are – balance, optimization and going green. As the land that is leading the global movement to switch to clean energy, investment in low emission vehicles and engines that utilize fuel better will complement the mammoth 11 year, 10.1-billion-dollar transportation infrastructure initiative.

2018 is also the turning point for the Canadian defense budget. Between 2018 and 2027, there is projected to be a rise of 700% in spend fueling frenzied and proportionate activity in the manufacturing sector.

The Foundry is Proud to be Part of Canadian Manufacturing:

Meteor Foundry is equally optimistic about its own position in 2018. We possess best in class sand molding, permanent molding, pattern making, laser printing, finishing capabilities, and have recently acquired a 5 axis CNC.

This makes us even more excited to serve existing and future customers in this new era of renewed manufacturing dominance.

Our competence in the domain of custom production coupled with an efficiently managed supply chain has helped us emerge as one of the preferred providers of Aluminum/Zinc castings in Canada and our Global Partners.

Are you interested in seeing how the Foundry can take your business to the next level? Contact us here.

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