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The Future of Manufacturing in Canada: A 2018 Outlook

Manufacturing accounts for more than 10% of the GDP, positioning it stronger than the energy sector. More importantly, billions of dollars are pumped into research and development by manufacturing giants and all innovation in the land of maple leaf owes … Continue reading

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Project Example: A Bright LED Future for one Very Satisfied Customer

Here’s the thing about manufacturing prototypes of any kind: when a client is in need of one, they typically need it as soon as possible. In business, there’s no time to waste, and every second counts. At Meteor Foundry, we … Continue reading

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Reversing Global Outsourcing

In the past decade, one of the biggest trends throughout the manufacturing industry was outsourcing. Canadian & American companies of all kinds started sending their business overseas, in hopes of utilizing cheaper labor and supply chain sources. Luckily, the past … Continue reading

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Sustainability in Manufacturing: How and Why they Go Hand in Hand

There are certain trends and buzzwords in manufacturing—some short-lived and quickly outgrown, and others that are trendy and buzz-worthy for a reason. These are the ones that last. Sustainability in manufacturing is one such example. In a world in which … Continue reading

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