Meteor Foundry Supports Safety Month this June

June is here meaning National Safety Month is upon us! Founded by the National Safety Council, National Safety Month aims to educate companies throughout all industries on important workplace safety issues in order to reduce the risk of workplace injury and death.

This year, National Safety Month features four safety themes, one for each week of June. Week one is “Stand Up to Falling,” focusing specifically on falls, one of the leading causes of workplace injury.

Week two is “Recharge to be in Charge,” centers on ensuring your employees are healthy and well-rested.

Week three, “Prepare for Active Emergencies,” helps companies set guidelines for quick, efficient responses to such an event. (Emergency building evacuation process & procedures.)

Finally, week four, “Don’t Just Sit There,” focuses on ergonomics, by so doing improve your employees’ health and well-being.

Safety at Meteor Foundry

While Meteor Foundry is proud to support 2017 National Safety Month, safety is a top priority practiced and implement daily, year long.

At Meteor, we specialize in casting aluminum and zinc in both sand and permanent gravity molds, at times pouring castings as large as 4,000 pounds; this means our employees are regularly working with and exposed to molten metal. The exposure to significant injury can be great making environment awareness and material handling our primary safety concern.

To help keep our employees safe while working with potentially hazardous molten materials, and machines we employ several critical initiatives.

Firstly, we place a strict emphasis on proper training and awareness of the foundry work place. The use of personal protective gear, conducting checks to ensure all pieces are being used, and being used properly. We have an involved safety committee and hold periodic safety awareness assemblies, in which our team members get refreshers on safety precautions, hazard awareness, and proactive thinking.

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Meteor Foundry is proud to support this year’s National Safety Month. Our team employs comprehensive safety initiatives throughout the entire year, and we urge all of our customers to do the same.

To keep up to date with Meteor, including our various safety efforts, follow our blog, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and feel free to contact us at any time.

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