Meteor Foundry Celebrates the State of Industry!

Just last month one of the biggest industrial equipment manufacturing companies in America, Caterpillar, boldly raised its 2017 forecast for both sales and revenues due to an observed robust recovery in world mining. Such enthusiastic optimism has its basis in surprisingly vigorous first-quarter sales of 9.8 billion dollars.

Following Caterpillar years of anemic performance for the company’s iconic yellow machines, sales have been up across the globe including a whopping 12% increase in Asia. This stems from stronger demand in China, in particular, with its boost in investment for infrastructure and residential projects to forestall potential economic slowdown. Citibank chimed in stating that, in 2017, mining stocks will experience momentum in earnings including the possibility that shareholders may enjoy substantial capital gifted back to them.

British Colombia also reports to have hit its highest net revenue since 2012.

This, of course, is all very positive and indicates that companies, such as Meteor Foundry, will be beneficiaries of this potential global uptick.

 What it all Means for Meteor Foundry

In business since 1965, Meteor Foundry specializes in the design and manufacture of aluminum and zinc alloy castings and pattern tool making for such uses in mining ventilation, robotics, transportation, electric and gas, defense, and more. The products range in size from mere ounces to several thousands of pounds. “The Foundry,” as known by many in the industry, partners with such giants as, Siemens, Husky, GE, Advanced Fan Systems, Howden Ventilation Systems and others that count on Meteor as their long term supplier.

With the aforementioned economic improvement, a commitment to advanced engineering and automation, competitive pricing, the utmost in quality and on-time deliveries, it is no surprise that new companies are coming on board each and every year.

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