Casting our Resolutions for an Impressive 2013

Cheers to a happy and healthy New Year! As we dive into 2013, Meteor Foundry has compiled a few New Year’s Resolutions in order to ensure that the new year is a year of continued growth, success, and service. Here are our goals for 2013:

  1. Achieve high quality: This past year, we began the process of qualifying for ISO certification, in addition to our current CSA designation. In 2013, we hope to continue with our pursuit and offering of high quality service and products, with the result being the achievement of ISO certification.
  2. Focus on industries: With the demand for commodities increasing, such as oil and minerals, as the demand for castings increases, we would like to meet everyone’s casting requirements. Specifically, we hope to further expand into the transportation, defense, mining, and utilities markets.
  3. Increase visibility: What is one way we can expand into these industries? By introducing our vast casting capabilities to new companies within these industries, which is exactly what we plan on doing.
  4. Increase trade show appearances: One very tangible goal is to participate more actively in trade shows this year.
  5. Enhance castings’ surface quality: We are currently investigating a new surface finishing process, which should further enhance the high quality of our castings.

As we look ahead to the new year, we hope to see our company grow stronger and welcome many new customers into our family. Make sure you check in and see how we are progressing with our goals!

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