State-of-the-Art Equipment Keeps Us on the Cutting Edge

At Meteor Foundry, we believe in continuously looking at our current capabilities and Sept. blog image 1processes to find improvements. The landscape of the industry is changing and we are eager to embrace new technologies to continue moving ahead to offer the best products in the industry.

With the installation of our new Laempe sand core production molding machine we will boost our efficiency in producing extremely high-quality complex cores. The addition of this new machine will allow us to boost core making production to keep up with the capacity of the highly automated production molding machine.

This new technology will enable us to offer shorter lead times, with greater flexibility in Sept. blog image 2casting designs and tooling. With improved surface finish and tolerances, we will see improved efficiencies and reduced cost. Full installation will be completed in the early part of 2016, meanwhile Meteor Foundry continue to attract new business from clients who recognize our capabilities and the benefits of our investments in new improved manufacturing technologies.

The professional management team at Meteor continue to strive toward introduction of additional automated technology. It is with confidence that we will be capable to face the many challenges presented to us by our clients.

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