Promoting Workplace Safety, This June and Throughout the Year

The month of June celebrates National Safety Month. Organized by the National Safety Council, this month of awareness is dedicated to promoting better safety practices, especially in the workplace. Each year, thousands of employees are injured at work, and this vital month of awareness aims to get everyone involved in promoting safety while decreasing the number of hazards and incidents.

National Safety Month Logo

However; workplace safety is not meant to be celebrated in June alone. At Meteor Foundry, we emphasize safety year round. In fact, we believe quality manufacturing doesn’t exist without safe practices, and our goal is to ensure our employees are always safe.

All employees are encouraged to remain aware and proactive, including the attendance of safety awareness assemblies—the most recent of which occurred on May 1.

In our industry, accidents can, and do, occur when working with molten aluminum and machinery.

The molten materials we work with can be hazards causing serious injury if someone removes his or her protective gear. Moreover, our safety precautions and meetings are as much a part of our daily focus as the processes and services our employees provide.

Our clients and team members are our greatest priority, and we stop at nothing to keep them all equally safe and satisfied. This June, and throughout the year, we encourage everyone to be as proactive about safety as we are.

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