Project Example: A Bright LED Future for one Very Satisfied Customer

meteor foundry LEDHere’s the thing about manufacturing prototypes of any kind: when a client is in need of one, they typically need it as soon as possible. In business, there’s no time to waste, and every second counts.

At Meteor Foundry, we realize this, and we strive to provide prototypes that are as prompt as they are excellent. We were recently approached by a customer in need of a casting for Hi Bay LED lighting. The part was needed urgently—therefore time was of the essence. However, they also required proof of concept and design prior to production, adding to the challenge.

The design stage is actually up to 90% of the overall time, with the remaining 10% being production, so this urgency, coupled with design proof, meant there was not a second to spare. Furthermore, the casting was fairly complex in geometry. However, once again, the Meteor Foundry team of experts once again came through with flying colors.

Not only were we able to produce the part in the challenging time frame, but it was on a level of quality that exceeded our client’s expectations; they were thrilled with the results.

The fact is, we excel at challenges, and welcome them all the time. We aim to not only provide our customers with the highest quality parts available anywhere, but to also meet all of their needs, whatever they are. If you need it quickly, if you need something unique, or highly complex—you present us with the challenge, and we’ll deliver the solution.

After all, the original mission of our founder was to provide customers with outstanding value and consistent quality, and we aim to fulfill this mission every day.

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