New Laempe Machine Enhances Our Capabilities

We are always looking for ways to move ahead and keep pace with advances in technology, in order to better serve our customers. This includes investment in those technologies that will provide the most benefit to our processes and contribute to the sustainability of our company.

In the foundry industry we welcome the adaptation of new technologies, to support and improve the complex process of transforming liquid molten metal into solid engineered shapes with various degrees of complexity. Ever demanding customer requirements for quality, technically demanding products, with shorter lead times and reduced cost, the implementation of new technology is the only solution for us to compete in today’s global market.

Our newest piece of equipment is going to greatly enhance our capability, the Laempe LL20 automatic sand core shooter. This technologically advanced machine has a high shooting volume in a unit that requires limited space. Fully integrated into a single unit, it is easier and safer for our employees to operate and allows for faster, more precise processing of sand cores through the use of adaptable existing tooling. Installed at Meteor Foundry and operational in Q1 2016 we and our customers are realizing the benefits of shorter lead time, improved quality and casting processing in a safer and improved working environment.

Change is embraced by the highly qualified Plant Manager Oleg Prikhoji and team of Foundry and Material Specialists supported by our President and Owner Marcus Wittich, ensuring a sustainable future and presence in our industry.

Here at Meteor Foundry, we work with a wide variety of industries, including:

• Mining Ventilation
• Transportation
• Marine
• Aircraft and aerospace
• Communications
• Entertainment
• Defense
• Electric and Gas Utilities
• Furniture
• And many others

Our highly diverse capabilities, allow us to provide custom with Zinc and Aluminum alloy castings with varying shapes and sizes. We invite you to get in touch with us through our contact page to find out more on our capability and scope of services that we provide. At Meteor Foundry, we welcome the opportunity in working with new customers to find the perfect solution to their casting needs, we look forward to working with you.

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