Meteor Foundry – Adding Value to Manufacturing Since 1965

When you work with clients from over 32 industries – you are doing something right. Serving sectors as diverse as mining, cement flooring machinery, elevators and defense, Meteor Foundry has upheld values of quality, dedication and custom parts created to client specifications for the past 50 years.

Meteor Foundry has many accomplishments to our name, with company profitability and customer base business increasing year after year. The main reason for this sustainable growth comes from the guiding principle of “Adding Value to Manufacturing.” There are many casting, and machining providers in the marketplace, but Meteor Foundry Co. goes beyond offering generic solutions and instead dives deep into the problem areas of manufacturing making the production of large & small complex parts possible.

Why is Meteor Foundry Different?

We take pride in excelling where others falter.

At Meteor, we are capable of working with specifications and raw materials that are challenging, to say the least.

Meteor Foundry has furnace capability to make castings up to 4000 pounds. The Foundry uses only certified ALUM OR ZINC ingots in our process and by so doing are able to strictly control the required material elements called for to produce a quality casting. The current max Molding Box size used that can be turned over is 108”x108” requiring custom equipment to handle and fill with molten metal. After analysis of the client’s requirements, Meteor is fully qualified and capable of taking on the most mammoth of casting ventures.

At the other end of the spectrum, technically demanding castings smaller and lighter in weight are handled with confidence. Meteor can complete all of the required check boxes, mid to high volume, price competitive, consistent quality and shorter lead time. Meteor’s Robert Sinto automatic molding machine fits the bill. Shortly to be complimented by the addition of a Robotic final process finishing cell planned for 2017. In line with Meteors business model to invest in new technologies and equipment, our viability is enhanced for decades to come.

Adding Value to Manufacturing:

If you would like to experience how Meteor can positively impact your business, call 905 670 2890 today.

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