Expanding Capabilities to Serve Our Customer’s Needs

Having in-house capabilities has enabled Meteor Foundry to be a one-stop shop for all types of aluminum and zinc sand castings. In the past we have outsourced secondary machining services to complete project specifications. While this was an acceptable solution, we wanted to maintain control over all the requirements of each project and, as a result, expanded our in-house secondary services capabilities.

To accommodate customer requirements for additional machining on our casting products, we now have CNC machining capabilities. New additions to our team of Latest at Meteor Part I Imageprofessionals include an expert programming and machining specialist to handle the responsibilities of this new service. Computer numerical controlled machining operates from precisely programmed commands, allowing us to design and cut tooling to specific data. Its accuracy, speed, and repeatability cannot be matched with manual machining. CNC produces parts with high quality and excellent surface finish.

We have recently completed our first successful in-house CNC project. A piece of tooling was needed for an aftermarket manifold housing. We were able to meet the tight tolerances required and satisfy the specifications for the tool. At our facility we have 5,000 sq. ft. dedicated to CNC machining with three HAAS CNC machines, a CNC lathe, and a CNC machining center.

With in-house CNC machining capabilities, we bring new features and services to meet all requirements of our customer’s projects. In this way we have the ability to reduce lead times and offer expanded capabilities to enhance our castings.

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