Custom Castings from Meteor Foundry

Here at Meteor Foundry, we have seen ups and downs over the half-century we have been in business, along with changing technology and customer demands. Many of today’s customers require that we push the boundaries of conventional practices by the use of new technologies and methods.   Whether an existing mature product or new innovative item the criteria are often the same, how quickly can you provide a quality casting at a competitive price?  At Meteor, we pride ourselves in meeting the needs of our customers, whether they have been with us for decades or are just starting out.

Custom Castings

Our technical team is capable of evaluating the needs of your casting project especially when at the new design stage in fact the more unique the greater the challenge and an opportunity to differentiate ourselves. Often, these projects have tight time constraints – maybe they are for a prototype project needed for proof of concept before moving forward, or sample products needed for a critical time line Trade Show. Many times, projects are also highly sensitive, and the expectations are extremely high that the casting will be provided and perform as needed. In order to accomplish this, good process planning, tool design and build are essential to the sale. Failure to meet the casting or dimensional expectations of our customer could cause costly delay in getting their products to market place. Our team is always mindful of our obligations to the client big or small, our aim is to meet their expectations by so doing establish a long term association.

Serving a Variety of Industries.

Here at Meteor, we have worked with a number of industries over the years. Our customers include business in:

  • Mining Ventilation
  • Trucking
  • Transportation
  • Electric and Gas
  • Defense
  • Furniture
  • And many more!

While these industries all have different demands, one thing they all have in common is that they demand a quality casting, on time, at the right price!

Whether you are looking for a single prototype, low or high volume production parts, our team is ready to work with your needs and plans. Our sand molding, permanent molding, core making, heat treatment and machining facilities allow us to produce Alum or Zinc castings ranging in weight from ounce up to 4,000 pounds. A certified ISO 9001-2008 company  we are able to provide you with a full range of none &  destructive tests reports upon request, why not get in contact with our technical team here at Meteor Foundry and take your existing or new project to the next level?

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