Casting an Eye over 2016

As 2016 was a big year for all companies across the manufacturing industry, we’d like to look back over the past year and touch on some of the important highlights with 2017 in sight.

This past year we made major investments in new equipment and technologies to add to our already impressive list of manufacturing tools. Bringing the Laempe LL20 automatic sand core shooter onto our line shortened lead times and improved quality and casting processing. It also makes our working environment safer for our employees, a procedure that is continually in the forefront of our operations.

As a leading manufacturer of components that are vital to the mining industry, the Meteor team also attended Minex 2016. This show is dedicated to the mining industry and the ever changing world of metals, minerals, and energy. Ventilation systems and the energy required to run equipment rely on solid, dependable components. At Minex we connected with business involved in the industry, such as Caterpillar, and will see additional business opportunities in the year to come.

In the upcoming year, keep an eye out for our January blog where we will be informing you of our latest technologies and all that we took away from Minex this past September. 2017 will help us expand our services to the mining industry as well as trucking and transportation, electric and gas, and military and defense industries.

Here at Meteor our custom castings have been a part of manufacturing and industry for over 50 years. We are leaders in the trade, proven by our continued growth. 2016 was another outstanding year for us–from working with new and existing customers to expanding our presence through trade shows and industry events.

Thank you for your business and we wish all of you a very Happy Holiday and Healthy New Year!

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