Brewery Keeps the Beer Flowing with New Pump

It isn’t often that you can link a foundry and brewery together (besides the fact that after a hot day at the plant, a cold beer really hits the spot!). But, having just completed a brewery project, we have the perfect opportunity to share our recent experiences, and just in time for Oktoberfest!

Sand Casting Image Oct. BlogA brewery contacted us in needed of a thin-walled Alum casting for their bar pump handle. The project had to be completed in time for the launch of their new Micro Brewery and its great beer.

Given limited time Meteor with the aid of 3-D rapid prototype printing produced Foundry suitable tooling. The final design was approved by the client and castings supplied in time for the important product launch.

The success of this project in producing parts with a 2mm cross section is primarily due to the strict foundry sand controls in place at Meteor and their capability to cast challenging shapes.

Utilizing sand casting allowed us to create specific details in the casting, in a very cost Sand Casting Image Oct. Blog 2effective manner. The final product has a special pump handle with the brand name back highlighted on a Plexiglas shield. The customer was both surprised and impressed by how thin we were able to cast the handle profile and extremely pleased with the final product. This new pump is up and running to keep the kegs filled and the customers happy!

Our sand casting technologies offer competitively priced, predictable, and exceptionally finished pieces for all types of industrial requirements. If you would like more details regarding this project, or to discuss a future sand casting project, please give us a call or checkout our website:

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